Tallest white gum tree - Tasmania

A sign at the base of this tree reads…

“In the middle of Evercreech Forest Reserve lives the tallest white gum in the world standing 91 meters. The tree (Eucalyptus Viminalis) has shocked scientists from all over the over. They have refused to believe that this species could reach such a height. The tree was ans still is the pride of the Evercreech Forest Reserve. In the 1940´s and 50´s was the first reprieve of those trees as they couldn´t be extracted by bullock teams which were the common methods at those times. So the white gums were saved! The need for sawlogs in the 1970´s and the advent of bulldozers a road was built to the base of the big tree. Local forester Des Howe was carrying out a routine inspection of the logging operation when he realised the tree which was about to be felled was exceptionally tall. “Des, in fact, ordered its second reprieve, and a surveyor was called in to accurately measure the height o fthe tree and two others nearby”. It was an amazing process a shotkgus was used to collect seed capsules and bark. Leaves were taken to prove it was actually a white gum. Botanists had to be convinced by Forestry Commission that they were in fact Eucalyptus viminalis. The tallest tree was 91 meters to its tallest point which was well above any other limit of that species. After being confirmed it was considered the area should become a reservation. In 1977 52 hectares became a reserve. We believe this tree is more than three hundred years old!”

These trees are referred to localy as the "White Knights"

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