Black and White Lone Tree

Perfect tree, originally uploaded by Daveybot.

The image reminds me of an x-ray. This is the skeleton of a perfectly formed tree. I sort of makes you feel like time has stopped. You can hear the silence in the cool crisp air around this sleeping beauty.

The rest of the trees in the background have all huddled together for safety and comfort, their branches interlocked as if they were holding hands. They don´t have the confidence that this tree has.

Imagine that you could walk up to the tree, place your hand on its trunk, close your eyes and see a vision of the scenes that this lone tree has witnessed over the years. What do you think you would see?

I see a boy with his dog, a Golden Retriever. As they pass by the tree the boy finds a perfect throwing stick and waves it in front of his dog who immediately gets the message and turns his body in the opposite direction while looking back and keeping an eye on the soon to be thrown stick.

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John Guzlowski said...

I used this great image in a blog I did about heaven and hell. I gave your blog credit. I hope you don't mind.

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