The Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, originally uploaded by yathin.

Species name - Yucca brevifolia

Location – Southwestern United States (Southern California and Arizona)

Max. age - up to 250 years.

Max. height 15 meters

rock trees bike, originally uploaded by Katherine H.

Joshua Tree National park named after this tree. Within the park the Mojave desert is the prime habitat of the Joshua tree. Pollinated by the Yucca moth which lays its eggs in the trees flower.

These trees were made famous by the fact that the rock gr0up "U2" named one of their best selling albums after them (The Joshua Tree). On the sleeve of the album was a picture of a Joshua tree that became a popular tree to visit as a result. It can no longer be visited however as it fell over and died some years back (2000?)

The name “Joshua tree” was given by Mormon settlers who likened the trees branches to a Biblical story of Joshua’s arms being raised to keep the sun from setting so that a battle could be won during the daylight.

The Cahuilla Native Americans use this tree for as a source of material for crafts and also as a source of food from the seeds.

Joshua Tree Branch, originally uploaded by john w.

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