Jomon Sugi tree - Largest Cedar in Japan

Jomon Sugi, originally uploaded by Mil.

This large “Yakusugi Cedar” (Cryptomeria japonica) tree was located in 1996 and has since become quite famous. It is said to be the largest Cedar tree in Japan. It is 25 meters tall and estimated to be around 2,200 years old (some claim that it is much older). It is called “Jomon-sugi” (meaning Old Cedar) and is located in the Yakushima World Heritage Area.

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“In its vicinity, there remains a stump of which age is said to be oldest
by the islanders. They say the tree was cut in 1586 to be used for
construction of a big temple in Kyoto. The age of the tree when cut down
is estimated to be 3000 years.” from

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