The George Bush Sequoia Tree

CIMG0775.JPG, originally uploaded by alonzoD.

An engraving at this tree reads….

“This giant sequoia tree is designated the George Bush Tree in celebration of the President´s action at this site on July 14, 1992 to manage Giant Sequoia in perpetuity as unique objects of beauty and antiquity for the benefit and inspiration of all people.”
Sequoia National Forest

CIMG0774.JPG, originally uploaded by alonzoD.

This tree is located along the Freeman Creek Trail that cuts through Freeman Creek Grove. This grove is part of the Giant Sequoia National Monument in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountians. It is a wilderness area of Sequoia´s that have never been logged. The area is popular with mountainbikers.

The George Bush referred to here is George Herbert Walker Bush (b.1924) not George Walker Bush (b. 1946) the current president of the United States of America.


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