Big Sitka Spruce in the Hoh Rain Forest

Big Sitka Spruce, originally uploaded by Robert Whitlock.

Rain Forest Monarch

The temperate rain forest is dominated by Sitka spruce, Except where it penetrates valleys such as the Hoh, the Sitka grows along a narrow coastal strip from northern California to Alaska.

High rainfall, fog, and ocean-moderated temperatures create optimum growing conditions for these monarchs. This is one of the largest Sitka spurce trees in the United States.

Height over 270 feet
Diameter at breast height over 12 ½ feet
Age 500 to 550 years

At dawn and dust be alert for elk crossing the road.


The Hoh Rain Forest is located in the Olympic National Forest of Western Washington


Robert Whitlock said...

Hi Dan,

Thanks for featuring my Sitka Spruce photo on your website.

The second photo is great, I will have to remember the diagonal technique.

Is that a Sitka Spruce too? It looks like it, but I have had some trouble differentiating the Sitka Spruce from Western Hemlock.

Robert Whitlock said...

The DBH of the Sitka Spruce in the above photograph is about 10 feet.

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